What Will An Attempted Suicide Cost You?

What Will An Attempted Suicide Cost You?

3-friends-1-1094299-mWe’ve all heard a lot about bullying cases this year, including the stories that have tragic endings. Too many kids and young adults, whether because of the ridicule that they receive from others or for some other reason, feel that they have no other choice but to end their lives. That is a devastating fact and it suggests that there is a great need for interference by trusted and caring adults to help these young individuals in a time of need.

The families of the kids who attempt suicide must contend with a great deal in the aftermath. It can happen right here in St. Petersburg just as well as anywhere else. Of course there is the emotional toll, but there is also a lot more to take on. In many cases, there is serious physical and mental recuperation that must take place. This can mean time spent in hospitals, repeat trips to doctors’ offices and to psychiatric specialists. Parents are often forced to take time off from work in order to meet with teachers and school representatives, as well as to care for their children who have obviously been suffering quietly for some time.

Worse yet, insurance companies often deny claims associated with suicide. That means that ambulance rides, emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and other corrective procedures could be out-of-pocket expenses for the families of these troubled youths. It is important to note that there is federal legislation in place to help those with diagnosed depression or other forms of mental illness. If there was a diagnosis made and the condition was being treated, it may be possible to appeal the insurance company’s decision and gain the support of the courts. Nevertheless, in many cases, the parents aren’t fully aware that the child is suffering as badly as he or she is. Thus, depression goes unnoticed and untreated until after the suicide attempt.

The CDC has estimated, based on cases in the recent past, that the average suicide costs over one million dollars in medical care and lost wages. They have further reported that the vast majority of those considering suicide will not seek mental health services.

It is easy to see how quickly the burden can build upon the shoulders of family members. In so many cases, it is not the person attempting the suicide that should accept responsibility for those stresses. These kids, as we have witnessed in the news stories over recent years, are tormented and humiliated to the point that they fear going to school and they learn to hate themselves.

When other children or adults are the cause of such severe anguish, it is the responsibility of those in charge to stand up and correct the problem before it is allowed to escalate. It is possible to seek retribution from those parties who were aware of a possible problem and chose to ignore it. How many times has that child reached out to teachers for help? How often has an administrator closed a door to block out the noise of yelling and taunting? Can the bus driver really pay attention to the kids who are ganged up on ten seats back?

Bullying happens everywhere, even in Saint Petersburg. If your child is driven to the point of attempted suicide because he or she is suffering at the hands of schoolyard bullies, speak to a personal injury attorney. You have enough to contend with, without having to manage the full financial burden as well.