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Underpaid Commercial Fire Loss

A fire damaged our client’s restaurant, destroying equipment and causing smoke and heat damage.  The insurance company only paid $10,000, despite evidence of significantly worse damage.  The restaurant owners hired our law firm and we were able to recover an additional $170,000 from the insurance company.

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Denied Life Insurance Claim

Our client paid premiums on a life insurance policy for years. But when she made a claim, the insurance companies told her they didn’t have to pay. After we laid out the facts and the law, the insurance companies resolved the claim with us.

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Tile Roof Claim in St. Petersburg

Our clients made a claim for damage to the tile roof of their home in St. Petersburg, Florida, which they believed was caused by wind.  The insurance company denied the claim, taking the position that the damage was the result of wear and tear and faulty workmanship.  We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our clients and fought for them against the denied claim.  In the end, we were able to settle the claim for $150,000, and our clients were able to repair their roof.

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Claim Denied


Injury In Motorcycle Accident

A bad driver suddenly pulled in front of our client while he was on his motorcycle. He couldn’t avoid the car, and crashed into it. We sued his uninsured motorist insurance company for his injuries and resolved the lawsuit for him.

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Motorcycle Injury


Denied claim for damage to tile roof

Nationwide denied our client’s claim for damage to his tile roof and water damage to the inside of his house. Nationwide relied on its own engineers, which we fought with engineers and experts we hired. After filing suit, we were able to collect $135,000 to settle the case on behalf of our client, who was able to repair his home.

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Claim Denied


Denied Claim for Septic Tank Backup

Soon after buying their home, our clients had water that backed up from their septic system into their house, damaging their floors and walls.  The insurance company denied the claim and later tried to limit the homeowners’ recovery to just $5,000 because of a sewer backup clause in the insurance policy.  We argued the issue before the court and won.  Shortly before the case was going to be tried, we were able to resolve the claim for $130,000.

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Claim Denied


Sinkhole Claim Denied

The insurance company took the position that sinkhole activity wasn’t damaging our clients’ home. We sued the insurance company and resolve the case for our clients.

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Denied Claim for Undermined Foundation

A broken pipe undermined our client’s home, caused the house to settle, large cracks to form, and the roof to lean. The insurance company denied the claim. We filed a lawsuit, hired experts, and reached a settlement for our client.

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Injury From Falling Down Stairs

A business did not maintain its staircase, which caused our client to trip and fall down the stairs. We sued the business for her injuries and were able to resolve her case.

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Fall Injury


Daytona Hurricane Claim

Our clients’ home in Daytona Beach was damaged by Hurricane Matthew.  Their insurance company paid about $24,000 for the damage, but refused to pay more.  After hiring a different lawyer and litigating for more than a year, the clients chose to hire Herman & Wells and within a few months, we resolved their case for a payment of an additional $100,000.

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$24,000 paid


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